Services & EXPERTISE

DesignPod Studio is an exceptional group of talented creative professionals. Together, we offer many services that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to small businesses. Our skills include everything from logos and simple graphics to website design! For projects of any size, DesignPod has you covered.

Branding & Identity

Set course for clarity
Your brand should speak for itself. Your mission, your values, and your positioning should be crystal-clear to your audience. From NERF® to NASA, the DesignPod team has helped many organizations tell their story... Now it's time to tell yours.

DesignPod Studio sets your brand on-course for clarity. We'll help your brand build trust with a unique identity and a consistent voice. A brand style guide sets standards for everything from colors to fonts to textures. Every brand we swim with leaves with a style guide for concise future reference.

Advertising & Marketing

Creating a Navigation Plan for your Business
At DesignPod Studio, we help you create a cohesive and comprehensive strategy for marketing your business. This extends to all marketing collateral pieces, content writing for marketing pieces, SEO for websites and web advertising. We make sure your marketing approach is in line with your business goals and strategic plan.

Packaging & Retail

Dressing up your Sails to Pop!
Packaging and retail POP display design is as important as your brand. The packaging is more than just a container that the product goes in. It expresses your brand’s identity, highlights the importance of the product and why the consumer should purchase it. We make sure your product is eye grabbing and appealing in the retail environment.

Graphics & Illustration

Visuals Mean Everything
Graphic design and creative illustration are the keys to any design piece, helping to communicate to the target audience. DesignPod Studio has the ability to design for print, web, scientific illustration and character design.

Video & Multimedia

Capturing the Beauty of your Business in Action
Video and multimedia can be a great vehicle to communicate a message, a product or educate. DesignPod Studio can provide video, video editing photography and rendering. Human beings learn and receive messaging in different ways. By using video and multimedia, you can reach your audience in a dynamic and very visual way. We at DesignPod Studio understand how important this can be to any brand or product and want to make your message shine!

Web Design

Creating your Newest 24 Hour Virtual Employee
In today’s work, everyone has a website. It’s a must-have if you want your business to be successful. Consumers use their phones and smart devices to literally do everything from product research, product/business comparisons, look for reviews, social media and entertainment. By having a strong web presence, your business can rise to the top. Many people think web design is just important on the surface, the visual look of it. At DesignPod Studio, we understand that the back end, SEO and the build is just as important. Making sure your website is built properly and has excellent SEO will help in ROI and web ranking. Let us be your partner in making your web presence incredible.
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