About DesignPod Studio

What is DesignPod?

A New-Wave Agency

DesignPod is a non-traditional studio of savvy creative professionals. These days, offices are as optional as they are expensive. Our team can work anywhere with a stable internet connection! We pack light, we work smart, and we focus on what matters.

DesignPod Studio is the best choice for your next creative project. Our team carries years of experience across many different industries! These backgrounds include branding, web design, photography, film, illustration, marketing and more. 

DesignPod Studio makes creative services affordable to help businesses and their communities grow. We keep our team small and skillful to reduce complexity and focus on quality. We strive to accommodate local businesses and startups with budgets of all sizes.

Meet Jess, Our Founder

Queen of the Sea

Jessica Adanich is an alumnus of the Cleveland Institute of Art. She spent her early career working with renowned brands such as Vitamix® and Hasbro NERF®. She spent the next six years leading the design and marketing department of Mace® Brand. Now a seasoned veteran, Jess yearned for a creative agency of her own in Northeast Ohio. DesignPod Studio was born in Cleveland in the late fall of 2018.

Jess has never been shy about her love for the sea. For more than a decade, she has served as a strong advocate for ocean conservation. In the past, she has worked with companies such as Retap, who provide alternatives to plastic waste. She is currently open-water and deep-dive SCUBA certified.

Jess Adanich

Founder & Lead Creative

The DesignPod Story

A Deep Connection

Shortly after graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Jess was published in Beyond Blue, the official magazine of The Ocean Society. Beyond Blue featured Jessica's work to change public perception of sharks. She later illustrated a children's book about the realities of shark-finning. Behind the Glass with Sherman the Shark is available on Amazon and from many other book sellers.

As one would expect, Jessica's love for the ocean carried over into her brand philosophy. She drew parallels between the roles of whales and creative professionals in groups. Pods of whales are social and communal: they share duties and support one another. Following suit, DesignPod members work together to untangle problems they couldn't handle alone. By combining our skill sets, we can achieve more and deliver faster. Everybody wins!


Accolades & Accomplishments

During her tenure at Mace® Brand, Jess received several awards. These accolades recognize both her creative ideas and her exceptional design work.

Jess is currently ranked among the world’s 3000 most popular designers on POPDES, and among the top 4000 designers in the world on R+ (designerrankings.com).

Along with her career achievements, Jess is also very invested in her community. In whatever way she can, she strives to make a difference. She currently sits on the board of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. In the past, she has acted as a member of the American Advertising Federation Board of Cleveland. She has also served on the Cleveland Zoo Young Professionals Board.

Meet The Pod

Passion Makes the Best Work

We’re a social group of talented designers and artists that live to create. Our team is passionate, and in the end, passion makes the best work. We empower our creatives to be themselves and do what they do best. The Pod looks forward to working with you and making your business the best it can be.












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